Helping People Bounce Back

We provide relief and hope to people facing an unexpected financial crisis.

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What happens when life stops on a dime?

A financial crisis can happen to anyone at any time. A young family of five might not expect it when the husband loses his job and his wife is a stay-at-home mom. Their income stops short, draining their savings slowly, leaving them with an uncertain future.

We know life doesn’t always play by the rules, and we believe in being present in a time of need. BounceBack exists to be the net that catches families and individuals and empowers them to rise above their situation, getting them back on their feet to a bright future.

A simple “thanks” is not enough to express our thankfulness. Over the last several months the difficulty my family has faced has been trying and at times fear was ever present. To have a program like this to reach out in love and help us has been life changing. God Bless.

BounceBack Recipient

I want to express my deepest appreciation for the help with the furnace in our home. Words cannot express the relief that we have felt. May you be blessed for your generosity and kindness.

BounceBack Recipient

Thank you for helping my family as we were facing hardship. I am grateful for all the help with my rent and utilities. Also, I am appreciative for the job referrals and checking in on me to see how my job search was going. You made the process easy for me to receive help and get back on my feet. My children and I are thankful for BounceBack.

BounceBack Recipient

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What We Do

We help families and individuals navigate financial crises by giving them the tools they need to bounce back to self-sufficiency. Our goal is to provide assistance in times of difficulty through education, counseling, and specific monetary needs.


Financial Assistance

Families and individuals receive help paying for bills, repairs, and groceries through the generous gifts of donors.

Community Connections

We partner with resources in our community like BrightPoint to ensure that families and individuals are given the proper tools to get back on their feet.

Coaching & Guidance

We provide tools, counseling, and education to break people out of their crisis.

Relief & Hope

When people in need feel seen, the outlook on their future changes. We meet people where they are, so we can bring them to where they want to be.

Church Partner

Families and individuals work with their local church to receive guidance and financial assistance as they navigate their situation.


By providing assistance, we redeem otherwise dire situations by providing a way out of financial pits that leave individuals and families unable to thrive.


We can end the cycle of financial crises by bridging the gap and catching those as they fall into an unforeseen financial need.


Not only will people begin to take charge of their financial situations, they will also have the desire and plan to give back to those who experience the same.

Why We Do It

Everyone deserves an opportunity to get back on their feet. No one wants to be a family or individual in need, but we all hope that help will be given to us when we need it.

At Bounce Back, we live by the philosophy that anyone can find their footing after an unforeseen hardship. They just need the tools, education, and money to help them get there. We stand in the gap, offering a hand up by empowering individuals and families to rise above their calamity.


What People Are Facing

Everyone should be allowed to ask for help, but not everyone knows where to look for it. People who experience a financial crisis are often unsure of their future and blinded by the hole they find themselves in. When life hits us in the gut, sometimes we need someone to show us the way forward. The recipients we serve are asking these questions when facing a situational crisis…

You can make a difference in these people’s lives. Make it possible for them to bounce back!


How We Do It

01. Financial Crisis

A financial hardship can happen to anyone at any time, be it job loss, medical diagnosis, or an unforeseen crisis.

02. Empowering Assistance

We provide the tools, resources, and financial help (and hope) so families and individuals can see the way forward in their time of need.

03. Back on Their Feet

Individuals and families find their footing as they move forward, inspiring motivation to continue the trend and give back to those in need.

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