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This holiday season, shine the light on families, children, and others

by helping them get back on their feet.

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John’s Story

“Recently, a member of our church body, John, approached me after a Sunday service. He looked absolutely defeated. The company he worked for was experiencing some cutbacks, and people were losing their jobs left and right. His job had just been cut, leaving him without a job with a wife and four young girls at home. How was he supposed to get back on his feet when he felt like he had failed?

I took him into my office and told him about a great organization our church works with—BounceBack. I explained that they could help him financially while he figured out his next steps to getting back on his feet. The look on his face was everything. The defeat disappeared, and there was real hope in his eyes. BounceBack helped John recognize that although the unexpected happened, there were still possibilities out there for him. Today, he’s working at a job he loves, taking care of his family, and serving at our church.”